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Shield mouthguards will be holding fittings at the club over the next few weeks.

This gives you the opportunity to get the best type of protection without having to visit a dental clinic for a fitting. We are also offering a discount to WJRU players.

There are two main types of mouthguards available today. Those bought in a chemist or sports supply store, and those constructed by a dental professional specifically for the athlete.

The evidence is overwhelming showing the superiority of those provided by dental professionals. It is nearly impossible for a generic type to provide adequate coverage and still allow the wearer to be able to breath and talk at a level that would allow them to give their personal best.

A Shield mouthguard offers;

  • The best possible type of protection, using the latest in mouthguard technology.
  • A more accurate fit with greater comfort and less chance of dislodgment.
  • The ability to keep your concentration, rather than trying to hold your mouthguard in place.
  • Lesser impact on speech and respiration (compared to generic mouthguards).
  • A greater selection of styles, and colours that can be individualised to your style.

The details:

Special WJRU 10% discount offer:

A mouthguard made 100% with you in mind, In a choice of any colour. The cost is $144.00.

Multi colours adds an extra $5.00.

Full customisation (eg, special design and graphics) is quoted on a case by case basis. As an example, below would be $149 for the Green/Gold mouthguard, and $15 for the Australian Flag . The level of cover is exactly the same across all colours and additions.


As it is provided by a dental professional, private health funds may offer a rebate. If you would like to check with your individual fund how much your specific policy would cover, the item number is 151 and you can use the provider Number 4114051F.

Your mouthguard, in a protective box, and with care instructions will then be delivered to you at the club , in time for the commencement of the season, at no extra charge.

No deposit is necessary, however full payment is required before delivery. I encourage you to check out the website www.shieldmouthguards.com and instagram page for examples of colours and designs available. Anything is possible!

If there is any further questions I can answer, please fell free to contact me on 9560 7885 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Unfortunately those undergoing fixed orthodontic treatment can not be seen on a club visit. Happy to look and advise on suitability, but all appointments would need to take place in the clinic. Of course if you prefer not to take time out of training, or need the mouthguard quicker, the same offer applies if you wish to visit the clinic in Leichhardt at your leisure.

If you feel you are interested please advise Shield or the club, so we can get an idea of numbers.

I look forward to meeting you and wish you luck on the new season.

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